Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2008.January.16-Beginning of the END.

Monday 16 January 2008 First day back at ASU. Last Hooraw! Randomness

6.00 Joann Rosario’ “More Than Anything” is playing on my laptop as my wake up call.
7.00 I actually wake up. 7.40 I start walking to school. 8.09 I arrive at ASU West to see the bus is still sitting there-translation: I’m actually going to make it to class because the bus is hella late. Sweet! However there is only standing room (like the morning metro in DC). The 45 minute trip seems too long to stand up the whole time, so I find a way to sit down in the aisle. Sandwiched between two other passengers I squirmed to get my I-Pod headphone out. I decided to catch up with National Community Church’s podcast because this week was all about setting Life Goals. Anyways it was a timely message for me and it filled the ride time perfectly. After my African Diaspora course and The Makings of Modern Day Africa I went to buy my books for the course. Between my two Africa classes there is 13 books, oh and like 14 papers! Normally I would drop a course at this point, but I think I can manage the workload if my other two courses are chill. My last class of the day is a Sociology class and the teacher is Danish. She is pretty cool, but I was a little disappointed to see the same trend of Christianity bashing that I have seen throughout my college career. She spent a large portion of her lecture talking about Christianity and most of it was so off base. It reminded me of an interview that I did with a Astro-Biologist. In the interview he stated that ‘there is nothing more infuriating for a practicing scientist than to go to the movies and see the sciences are garbled.” He went on to say that the mistakes that filmmakers make are so basic. I feel the same way when I sit down in a social science or liberal arts class and here people try to articulate Christian theology without an a basic understanding of Christian history or text. I do recognize the gross atrocities that have been done in the name of Christianity, but the way it is characterized in the college setting is almost laughable. I still love on these professors and talk to them outside of the course to help them see other perspectives. Oh yeah by the way, the reason that I am taking African courses is because I’m tired of learning about Europeans. Africa, and Africans (both Continental & The Diaspora) go largely unmentioned in my studies. I try to educate myself on my own, but taking a course is always a good way to go when you have room on your schedule. Good night.

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