Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bookstore Nights

The following is an archive blog that I never posted from October 2007. I just got back from a bookstore and It made me think about this entry:

One of my favorite places to be is a bookstore. It's like being in a world of ideas and creativity. Some of my favorite bookstores in Arizona are Crossroads Christian Bookstore at 67th & Peoria and the Borders Bookstore at 71st & Bell Rd. I have had patronage to Crossroads for a number of years. Countless number of times I have spent hours checking out magazines, books, and listening to music. My other favorite bookstore is the Arrowhead Borders. I don’t really kick it at Barnes and Noble unless it is a colossal one like the Desert Ridge in North Scottsdale. Barnes & Noble here in Arlington is colossal & cool in that way. Anyways, a few nights ago I ditched my roommates to go to the bookstore. I figured I'd save on cash and save myself from seeing Resident Evil 3. With more peer pressure I might have allowed myself to be dragged to the film. ANyways I I happened to have a Barnes & Noble gift card in my pocket so I looked around for some books and music. Originally, I planned to buy Gregory's first biography, and a old Roy Hargrove CD, but before that I stumbled on some other interesting titles. I ended up purchasing Dick Gregory's book, Clarence Thomas' biography, and a book co-authored by Cornel West and Henry Louis Gates. During the time I spent going through the bookstore I came across some amusing titles.

The Political ones are funny because each side paints the other as ‘the Devil which I think it pretty amusing. I also enjoyed this one on Globalism, and Lewis, Chomsky and Equiano are interesting figures.

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