Sunday, December 30, 2007

UP to Seattle, BACK down to LA

So, wow! It's been a crazy 36 hours! By the way, if you would like to gain others perspectives on the roadtrip please visit Joe's blog and Tim's blog. So last time I gave you guys and gals an update it was from the breezy streets of Boise Idaho. Since that time, we traveled through Oregon and arrived at our northernmost destination, Seattle. Now, we finally caught up with Brad at a hotel near LAX in Los Angeles. Okay but let me back track to the snowy mountains of Oregon.

Oregon was beautiful, we stumbled upon an area of the Oregon trail and decided to take a detour. Joe had that look of mischievousness on his face, like he was dreaming up in his head the snow balls he would make and launch at us. We drove up the steep mountain side and took some time to play in the snow. We update soon.

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