Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sleepful in Seattle

The Seattle Westin hotel was a nice place to lay my head, especially when compared with the back seat of a Chrystler Sebring.

ThirdEye Blind. Starbucks. Ravi Zacharias. Wyclef John. Salmon & Chips, No Chowder! Sunsets and Sunrise. Sleet, Snow, Rain. Mountains. Hills. Free Will. Relationships. LAX. Dreams & Desires. Fetal Position. In search of Wii-Fi & Wireless Internet. Laptops, Navigations systems. Roadtrips inspire moves. Steep Streets. Only Rain. Wind. Fatigue & Parking. Snowy roads in, Icy Roads out. Independent studies and lesson plans. Bohemian, Artsy, Crustifarians. Fishermen. Hip. Cool.

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