Friday, December 28, 2007

Making Noise on the Block from Boise

Yo wassup. After traveling through the Nevada and Utah, we are chilling at a Starbucks in Idaho. Seattle is a few short hours away and I am looking forward to the change of scenery. So far it has been grizzly cold out here on the road, wind and snow, stuff like that. Boise is actual not that bad in comparison to parts of Utah (7% F and 12% F). So it's day two of the six day roadtrip and Cali, Steph and Brad are still on the horizon. My co-conspirators Rockstar and Scholar have been blogging throughout out trip so I figured put the trip in perspective. The why and where of the trip are not the most important aspects, but rather that I have the ability to get away and spend time with my friends. Traveling through the imposing mountains Utah I could not help but think of the majesty and power of God. I tried my best to capture the snowy mountains as we passed through them but the moonlight did not provide me with the light to capture the beauty.

Last night of this morning Joe missed a sharp turn into a pit-stop because he didn't heed my direction. I busted up laughing. I didn't want to laugh because the next pit-stop was like oh, another 97 miles! What makes the trip so intimate is not the Tom Foolery, but the fact that we are traveling in a Sebring coupe! It's quite and experience switching seats from the front to the back in this compact veh-nicle. Perhaps what even more interesting is watching Tim the Korean Giant position himself in the back seat and get his sleep ON! Joe however has not been as successful in finding enough comfort to catch some Z's. I'm good, one I'm not old enough to drive and two because I can MAKE SLEEPY TIME anywhere. The trouble is whether I will be sore when I wake up, but so far I'm good.

Anyways, it's good to catch up with Tim and Joe and I look forward to what lied ahead.

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Christy Frink said...

Ah, fun! Travel-blogging. Keep it up, it's making me want to take a road trip.