Monday, December 31, 2007

Straight WestCoasting

Saturday night in Santa Monica
We walked along the Santa Monica Pier and then we the Promenade. There were a lot of street performers and one street preacher. Then we took a ride through a few of the strips.
Sunday Morning

Me and the fellas just took Airborne, cause Brad is getting over a head cold and the rest of us are kinda borderline because we have been traveling through different climates. Needless to say we have been taking it easy. Last night we walk along the Santa Monica pier and took a ride down to Sunset Boulevard.
This morning, Tim and I went to worship at Crenshaw Christian Center where Dr. Frederick K.C. Price has pastored for the last 35 years. Today was Hip Hop Sunday, so it was a very lively service including krump and interpretative dance, a young saxophonist, video skits and a change in wardrobe for most of the members at Crenshaw Baptist church. I was so cised when the Krump dance team called G5 came out. The began with some light interpretative dance, and Isreal's song “No Limits”. Several minutes later the song changed into a crunk-style, bass-laden remix of Isreal’s “Take the Limits Off” which quickly had the congregants up on their feet.

The message was also very good, oddly enough much of what Fred Price J.R. ministered on Tim, Joe and I had discussed during the twilight hours on the way to California. Towards the end of the service Fed Price J.R., who is only 28 yrs. old, asked everyone to stand that was under the age of 25. I was surprised to see that half of the congregation stood up.
Sunday on Sunset Boulevard & Steph
Lots of performers on The Holywood walk of fame and the Church of Scientology. A highlight of the evening was seeing Steph. Steph is the coolest flight attendant I know. It’s funny how females change the social dynamics. We went to the grocery store Ralph’s to get some ice cream because Cold Stone Creamery was closed. Too bad GPS didn’t tell us Cold Stone was closed. Feeling somewhat jovial, I tossed the football down the ice cream to Tim. Before Joe joined in on our game of catch, I heard a voice over the grocery loud speaker that said, “No playing in the aisle children.” When we checked out Steph asked the cashier if she ever received ‘fake quarters.’ I laughed and the cashier looked at Steph like she was Craz-Z. After flying 8 flights, I would probably say crazy things to grocery clerks too. I am just happy that God brought us all together. The short time we spent together was candid and real.

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