Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Out of District!

From Baltimore, to Harlem to Charleston and finally I'm back in Arlington. I am grateful to God for having the opportunity to do a little bit of traveling the last few weekends. Three weeks ago I went to visit my great Aunt, and some good friends of mine in B-more county. Prior to catching up with my aunt this time around I hadn't seen her in almost ten years. We had a nice time and at good at the place where she lives. She lives in a Ericson community which is broken into three different living styles, a care home, assisted living and independent living, which is where my Aunt stays. So at the facility they have pretty much everything you can think of, including a heated pool; my favorite thing is that they have three different dining halls, and you can look over the menus ahead of time to decide which one that you want to go to. Anyway, I ate like a king for like $3.50. Late that day we went to go to check out some jazz at a place called the Canton Castle. Then I met up with my friend Erica and we did some catching up that night and watch some TV. I had planned on going to this mega-church the next morning, but instead we decided to to Rock City Church, a vibrant and multicultural church in Baltimore county. The service was good, it almost reminded me of my church in Arizona except for the praise dancers and the extended time of worship. That night I wanted to go to see Jill Scott, so I convince myself that we were getting into the show. I took a nap around 3 o'clock and woke up around 6 o'clock. Oops! So we got down to Rams Head Live and found a line full of people for the Bailey's concert starring Jill Scott. After doing some reconnaissance, I decided that I did not want to stand in line for what was sure to be a crowded house.

The next weekend I went to see a newfound friend Barion in Harlem. Barion and I met a month and a half before at the TWC Awards Gala. After hearing about Barion's work I wanted to touch base with him. It was cool, we kicked it and I had a chance to check out his newest project a documentary called Meeting David Wilson, which will air in next year as a mini-documentary on NBC. Before we watch the film we had some good eats and listened to the sounds of Stevie, Dwele, Prince and a bunch of other nice cuts. Barion and Hadiyah had an I-Pod war; I'm not sure who won. Then we had the BLACK discussion, the consensus was low self esteem leads to self hate and degradation (i.e. Ms. Clarke's doll test).

It was cool to be around so many gifted young professionals.

Then, South Carolina. Thanksgiving. Family. Second Cousins. I'm tired. Goodnight.

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doin your thang.. Keep it up.