Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fighting the revolution!

I've always tried to go against the trend and against popular culture. I've always observed that minorities rule! Everyone else is passively going with the gain, whether it's in matters of faith, health, politics, time management or some other facet of life. Those who go against the grain have to consciously make the choice to live pro-actively and be content with being an outsider. Having sad that, I finally joined the mac revolution, and now I'm thinking about joining the I-Pod trend. But I'm trying to resist the temptation. Will I be one of those people always listening to their I-Pod or squinting to see 2.5 inch screen?

I saw a refurb on the web or like 170$, but it not so much about the price its the trend of constant entertainment that could kill my creativity or socializing. I could just purchase the nano and not have a big enough screen size to watch, but for a little more I could watch videos. But most of that content other than podcast are going to be stuff I have to buy. Nope, I will not be suckered into buying Tv shows to watch in the palm of my hand while I'm riding in the metro. So the resolution is to simply purchase a simple recording device that will also play some music, when music is necessary like long trips.

If I do that I am defying the Mac World Order and the Progressive Simulation ADD movement. Nice. Only in America do people have time to write about put forth so much thought on something this trivial.

It only seems fitting to end with a quote from last season on the Boondocks. The animated version of Dr. King speaks of how we are living in a more complicated time in the episode Return of the King.

Fictional Martin Luther King: "Huey, I just don't think I belong in this new world. I don't know if I need the 20 gig iPod or the 40 gig. I tried to download some Mahalia Jackson, but I lost my iTunes password."

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Samuel I. Richard said...

Favorite Quote:

"Constant entertainment could kill my creativity."

That's gold. PS - you're on my blog roll now. Come check it out.