Monday, October 22, 2007

Redition: the movie

Leaping from the escalator steps, my feet hit the pavement and I look back to discover that Nathaniel & Jonathan are nowhere in sight. Still in my stride, I raise both arms and announce to the pedestrians outside Ballston station, “I am the winner, I am the winner!” Moments later I look back and see Jonathan gaining speed. “Ha, ha smoker lungs,” I shout to him as I approach Ballston mall. Too bad these guys don’t have that extra ligament.*

This was my first time to see a movie since I’ve been in the DC area, I go to this movie theater almost every week to worship with National Community Church.

The movie had already begun but seating was not a problem because the theater is not completely full.

After the movie ended, the audience just sat there for a while trying to absorb it all in. As I walk out of the theater, Jonathan calls out to Nathaniel and I in a harsh tone, “What the hell are you guys doing? You’re missing the credits!”

So we blindly follow Jonathan back into the theater. Ten minutes later I had to choose follow him again. Jonathan wanted to walk back, Nathaniel wanted to take the metro, so I chose to side with Jonathan and walk because the night was young and the weather was so nice.

I thought about the movie Rendition. Was the movie dead on, or too far fetched. In this era of global terrorism (the prior stuff that happened everywhere else making it to America) how do I feel about the denial of due process to non U.S. citizens with uncorroborated ties to terrorist organizations?

Maybe you all have some opinions.

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