Thursday, October 18, 2007

Persistence of Vision (Spoken Word)

Distance compounded by distance, I reach for your hand and all I feel is resistance.

I wish I could hear your voice, even if it was is anger; at least then I would feel like just another distant stranger.

It's cold out here in the manager, and I want to come inn and dialogue with you- like real people do.

Truth to told I'm more scared than you. If you be like us, I be like ‘now what do we do. But at the present moment I ask now what will I do….

Because I bear the weight of guilty conscience for attempting to transgress these lines you’ve draw

If I want you does that make me greedy, if I want only you, does that make me needy? I try to convince myself that you are less than my visions of her, but my heart won't believe it.

Maybe it's not about you, maybe you are my escape from me.

True, you are the face of a concept that I feel, but at this stage in the game I cannot distinguish between that which is imagined and that which is real. I know what I have felt and feel, but the heart's deceit knows no end, and I’m a grown man with no time for pretend.

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timuthee said...

Hmmm.. do I know "her" ;D... Should we visit her for Christmas?

Righteous said...