Tuesday, October 30, 2007

D.C. Poetry in Motion: Part Two

Huddled and Hurried/ Different colors spread out like a McDonald’sMcFlurry/on this white landscape, They say it’s the Chocolate city with a vanilla center it all depends on what part did ya enter, SouthEast can be a beast, went solo to Anacostia for a Christian rap video that got made/ As we left the shoot we prayed/ I went to secular shoot in Minnesota Ave/had a difficult time navigating my path, should have taken Benning road/ but that’s not the path that WMATA showed/ went to Silver Springs to see my man Nerdy at a bar, seem kinda close, but that joint was pretty far, went back to U-street to read some poetry, it went over well, there always love when your out of network, people embrace you, show the ropes and how the set works/ Had fun at Adams Morgan/that place is never snoring plus the gigantic pizza is like that/ off the chain bike off the bike rack/ Ballston is where I go to worship with NCC, is cool & convicting, but most of all it’s the name of Christ they’re uplifting, I also went to a AME church where I saw Chapelle’s brother/Beltsville, MD, Another week I went to meet a man at HCC labled the ‘other Jackson’ in the civil rights, he leans to the right w/ a Harvard MBA/ constantly in the media, the man don’t play, Sat down with Bomani, the artist behind Read a Book video, cool and complex individual, THE LBC brought many celebrities from P to Russell, would have got an interview with Percy If I knew he switched up his hustle, I also saw Naggin, and Clinton, and every other black politician I could think of, Spent a couple nights a CLUB LOVE trying to get a good view of Badu, good thing I was in place when KRS came through, he was the first rapper I remember listening to/ Met a the President of University of MD BC, at 24 he had PhD, at 26 he was a dean, Too many people too many places to mention them all, some challenges and obstacles, but the short of it is that I’m having a ball.

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