Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rewind..Replay and Fast Forward

My cab driver didn't know where to go so I called to get some directions, but when I look up and saw the tall blue building. I paid the cab driver and I noticed that he looks like is from East Africa, although I knew the answer to the question I asked, "What country are you from?" He replied "Eritrea." We talked for a minute and then I turned towards the building.

When I walked into the lobby I was very impressed. When I when to the front desk I was told that my room was in a different building around the corner. I hauled my luggage downhill around the corner, following Jacki and her boyfriend into the 'other building.' When I opened the door to the lobby I immediately noticed the difference between the two lobbies, this lobby was under reconstruction. After checking in with my RA's, I went to my room and met my new suitemate Nathaniel and his parents.
Moments later I met Seong Wook- Baek Kyung Yoon Choi (aka Steve), both of whom are and from S. Korea. I went to my room and was very pleased the room, my suitemates and my view. I was also happy that I could pronounce my roommates names. Steve is pretty out going and Seong Wook is more introverted, and Nathaniel the youngest of the group and is a real nice guy. Nathaniel is from a city I have never heard of in New York (Fishkill) and he attends a small private university in East Pennsylvania, PA.

Arlington, VA is very nice area and it's right off the metro, Safeway is up the street, CVS is close by and every thing else is within walking distance. I wanted to go to Walmart but I think the closest one is in Alexandria, but it all good. . I forgot what other deep, insightful things I wanted to say, but may the peace of God rule your heart and may His joy fill your lives.


timuthee said...

Man, look at you all spiffed up! Must have been orientation day :D

katherine said...

You look good!!!!