Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm in Virginia

So here I am in Arlington, Virginia after a interesting trip.

The Valley to Motor City
I flew out of Phoenix yesterday morning at 6 a.m. (Phoenix time) on Northwest Airlines. I got the plane ticket for super cheap, ($220 round-trip) so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about the flight. The seats were tight and the stewardess was sitting on a chair that came out of the wall, which was situated right next to the door. But it was cool, I talked a little to my Michigan-bound 'rowmates' and then fell asleep.

Detroit Airport

The Detroit airport was very nice, I'd seen a couple of brothas and gave them the black nod and I enjoyed the shuttle that zoomed from one end of the airport to another in a few minutes. The wait for my flight was like an hour and twenty minutes so I grabbed a bite to eat at this Mexican place and did some reading on DC. Katie bought me a book on DC that gave me all kinds of information on the District and the surrounding area. Throughout the book were little notes telling me how appreciated I am--that warmed my heart. I hope it inspires me to be more thoughtful in my gift-giving. After devouring the burrito I sat down to listen to a few tunes. For a moment I was lost in the music between Alicia Keys and Floetry. When I heard the track where Alicia sings the words 'You don't know my name', I thought back to Andrea from GCC. At the time I first heard this song I had a big crush her and I rephrased the song to say 'You don't know my name...but you will." So as I listened to some nice love songs I noticed that the plane was late, and then I heard a voice over the intercom. I took off my headphones in time to hear that our flight had been canceled and that were would be put on the next plane departing at 3:15.

Motown to Reagan Airport
The second plane was very nice and I found some interesting conversation between two Michigan natives, both females, one in her late forties and the other closer to my age. As the conversation came to close we all flipped open our books and started reading. I decided to begin the book my friend Joe gave me entitled Jesus and Mohammad: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities. The book was very engaging, but the flight was pretty short so I planned to do some more reading this week in my free time.

Baggage Claim and Pick up
I was one of the last people to pick up my bags from baggage claim because I pretty much forgot what they look like, for instance I thought I had two black pieces of luggage, but apparently one of them was navvy blue, lol. An airport worker carted my stuff out and after some searching I stumbled upon 1401 Taft Street. I could say more, but for now that's enough. Thank God for the wonderful opportunities in front of me and the safe trip behind me.

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timuthee said...

I wish I could say there were such a thing as the "Korean nodd" but I can't.. it's more like that Korean-"who let you come here and why are you so damn tall, are you even Korean? Don't smile at me, cause I'm not going to smile back..."