Thursday, September 6, 2007

Everyday I'm hustling

Tim was right. He told me that I was gonna be crazy busy when I got to D.C. Tomorrow makes one full week and it feels like I have been here a month. Even before I started my internship I was zipping back and forth across town and working on stuff. By the end of orientation day I must of had like 25 phones numbers of fellow TWCer's. I ran into a large group from Puerto Rico, Mexico and South Korea. Most of the interns were from the East coast, the most common places were Jersey, NY, Mass, and Connecticut. I ended up going to a cafe with a few new friends I made on orientation day, one was makes one full week and it feels like I have been here a month. I ended up going to a cafe with a few new friends I made on orientation day, one was a Muslim girl from Ethiopia and the other was a Mormon girl from Nevada. Ayda & I discussed the Muslim faith and I shared with her that I had been doing some reading on Islam. Then Ana Lynn mentioned that she was Mormon, that is a religion I am lot more familiar with, but I did not really want to go there with her because it was not the proper context for a discussion like that, but it was cool. I went out several times last week and on Sunday I went to Joppa, Maryland with a my newfound cousin Ms. Shana to visit some of my extended family. We had some good fellowship and I enjoyed the food*, the dancing, the games and urythang else. I sat up after I got finished with my ribs and I just listened to all the discussion. I learned about the significance of government clearances and the benefits of being vested in the government.

That night I also played Scrabble for the first time, next time I will win, so be ready Supaman and Ms. Dictionary! Tuesday was the big day to start my new internship at Red Eye Post. I'm used to saying the name now cause everyone asks me where I am interning at twice because they have never heard of it, neither had I prior to the month of July. I choose Red Eye Post over a company with a well known name without ever really knowing exactly what Red Eye Post was all about. It seems the other guy (Jonathan) I am interning with was not quite sure about what exactly Red Eye did either. Upon arriving we were warmly welcomed and hugged by both the boss and the office manager. The only thing was that we did not show up on time, we were 1 hour early, so we went and kicked back at Cosi's. It's crazy how much me and Jonathan have in common, besides the fact that he's just got back from studying in Korea this summer. Man, what is it with everyone I meet now a days and Korea? My cousin D' Supa Man that I met at the barbecue was even trying to teach me Korean! Anyways, we went back to work and I swear it felt like the day of a thousand laughs, beyond that I got to see the projects that we are working on for large clients that most people would be familiar with. We do post production and some creative production as well. We went to eat lunch at a Thai restaurant down the street and I actually ate Thai food! I am so proud of me, cause I'm sorta finicky about what I eat and I did not see anything that looked appetizing on the menu, so Jonathan ordered me something. I even ate a salad! I know, you're impressed! After lunch we rolled up our sleeves and did some video screening for a TV program that we are working on, and learned about stuff in the office.
Of course the place is all Mac-ed out, so I'm glad I finally purchased a Mac, and yesterday Christen taught me a new word, applistic: adj/ simple and innovative. But overall it been really good, today I met an executive producer at BET and I'll be going with him and his interns to a shoot at Bowie State for the Black College tour next month and possible another gig in a few weeks. Other than that I gotta get up on this reading and keep my review my schedule before I hit the sack because my days fly.

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timuthee said...

Things are lookin good and sounding good my friend. I'm glad you're having a good time.. make sure you take advantage of EVERYTHING. Trust me, the 10 weeks I was there felt like 2 days.. yours will feel like a week... Glad to be reading the post.. you should import them into your facebook to let the folks know what's going on!