Saturday, March 31, 2007

Away from the noise...into His presence

Israel Haughton sings, "Away, away from the noise, away, away to hear your voice and speak with you...."
Switchfoot sings, "Your on fire when he near, your on fire when he speaks."
Donnie Mcklurkin sings, " Speak to my heart, oh Holy Spirit, give me the words, words that will bring life....Speak to my heart."
These songs remind me how important it is to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just spend time in His presence. The most important time we spend each day is the time we spend with God. Our spirits become dry and it's important we come before God not to seek his hand, but to seek his face. David said (paraphrasing) , " This one thing have I desired, that I may dwell with in his house and inquiring in his temple and behold the beauty of the Lord." God is marvelous. I know at times I forget how interdependent I am on Him until I come into his presence and realize how much I need Him. There is nothing like the presence of God, that's why my man David said, 'Take not your spirit from me and don't take me from your presence.' It's amazing the things that take presidence before God in our everyday lives. In vain we try to seek for a fulfillment that could only come from the Divine. I remember when the Bible was calling the children of Israel a little slow because they kept missing the idea, sound a lot like me. One indictment the Bible makes against the children of Israel in the book of Jeremiah is that 'they have forsaken the fountain of life for broken cisterns that can hold no water. We cannot replace God, nothing in the universe can compare to the Creator. Why do we run from Him? I know I need to refocus because outside of God there is no lasting fulfillment.........Get ya seek on ya'll

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