Friday, June 11, 2010

9 Shorts

Found these in my notebook. Everything is short and written mostly over the last year, at different times, in different places.

New York City
The light cast the building black
Against the midnight sky
Clouds drift
Passing with a dream-like elegance
The beauty of now will never last.

With the eyes of an artist
He paints a world that he sees
A world that will never be

A Nun in a Subway
The wrinkles set naturally in her skin
and did not dissuade the shine
There was this glow about her
When I looked into her eyes, I saw love
And through her love, I saw her faith
And through her faith, I saw her God.

Maybe Dust is just texture
Color to life's asylums
Limestone on rocks
Golden leaves that line the street

I'm gonna write till the ink runs dry
Yell to my voice gives out
Run till I collapse
Beast until I break.

Zoooooo4 (Daegu)
Submerged under the water
Wishing it was hotter
The scent & the steam
Trigger dreams
Calming my nerves
I can faintly hear their words
My thoughts flow
I just let go.

Her eyes pierced mine
I wanted to speak truth
Her eyes pierced mine
My voice remained mute
Wish she was cute
Then I could just shake it off
Not just 섹시
Then she could just break me off
She broke me
Upon first glance
Resistance was futile
I had no chance
She evokes romance from a brute
She evokes sonnets from a mute
Truth. will tell itself.

He couldn't match wits
So he matched fists
She stood there in stupor, thinking he might miss.

Red Devils?
Dragons breathe fire on purpose
They are winged beast
Their flames speak
In degrees of Heat
Mythological manifestations of our fears
Our nightmares consolidated
We shoot arrows to kill what what we are afraid of
Chasing them cause they reflect what we are made of
They're reflect our image-timid
If we kill something bigger
Maybe we don't feel as small
This beauty is beast to the one that tries to control it
But, this beast is beauty to the one who learns to hold it

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annamma said...

just surfing; like your poems! Godbless....