Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When God Speaks Pt 1

Written by Elliott Ashby
Edited by Sharrise Evans

I can hear voices from The Color Purple singing that old tune, "God is trying to tell you something, right now."

It's funny when God speaks to me it seems like the world around me echoes it. Sometimes these moments are very profound, and at other times they are graceful nudges to guide us along our path.

The summer of 2008 was one of those unique experiences. I was at a point where I was being stretched in every direction; Working two jobs and taking two summer social classes. My life was a mix between working on campus, working at a credit union and dissecting social theory. I realized that I was out of balance and something in my heart told me to quit my 30 hr credit union gig and just focus on school. That sounded crazy I thought, and so did everyone I asked for input. I did technically need the money, since I was gonna be saving up to intern in DC. Plus, the credit union paid well. I knew my on campus job was only going to cover my basic necessities, so, rather than do anything rash, I waited.

After a week or so of contemplation, I needed an answer. I was tired, fatigued and mentally drained the morning that I asked God to give me a clear sign about my job. I got 2 signs. The first was when I went to the break room to grab something to eat, and I fainted. That has never happened to me in my life. Medically explainable, but still apart of my answer. I should have known then, but I wasn't sure so when I went for my lunch break I again sought divine counsel. There, inside Walmart on a bench, I prayed and then rested my head in my hands.

While my head was still down a man came up to me. I heard him say, "excuse me," and I looked up. He was wearing a blue Wal-Mart apron and from the cart behind him, he appeared to work as a stocker. I remember his gentle presence and his words. He said, "I am sorry I don't mean to bother you and I know this might seem strange but I was over there and God spoke to me and told me to give this to you."

He raise his closed hand to me, I hesitated for a moment. He urged ",please take it." With unbroken focus I took it. I realized immediately that it was money. But I didn't look at it right away, I just told him "thank you for being obedient to God." Within a few short moments, he was gone. I never saw him before, and I never saw him again. I close my eyes and asked what this was all about. Man, I am dense sometimes! When I opened my eyes and my hand, I saw what I was holding. It was a crumbled up $100 bill. That shook me. Not the amount but the symbolism of it all. I interpreted it as, "Quit your job, I will provide for you". With that, I knew what to do and I quit my job.


Allergy Mum said...

I stumbled onto your blog today… perhaps my “graceful nudge”. Beautiful post, thank you.

stephen le roux said...

Thank you.
What quite a wonderful vessel of grace you are good sir. We all fall and we all get back up.
I hope that you will find inspiration in what it is you do one day for a living and with that to continue to inspire others.

Saladman said...

Freaky deekie! The Creator always provides When we accept our unity with spirit, it allows us to transform the mundane into heaven on earth. Blessed Be!