Monday, September 15, 2008

ReRuns: Digital Reverb

So until the Seoul Edition of my blog returns I will airing a few never seen before episodes.

Digital Reverb-Starring Elliott Farmer as Righteous, Darryl Maurice Brown II as Young Phenome & Jarrett Payne as Jeary Sylves.

In the first episode of the lost archive, Righteous and his friends do some detective work and discover Digital Reverb. After Righteous, Phenome & Jeary Sylves sense a rhythm echoing through the tunnels of time and space, they decide to investigate further. Oddly enough, they all begin their searches from different coordinates, but all get to the same destination( perhaps they took the same train of thought). The closer they get, the sounds becomes fainter and fainter until it fades into silence. Moments later, the rhythm returns with full cadence. The beat reverberates through their beings-shaking them to their core. The following is how they each responded.

I shine so bright I'm blue, some get it but you don't have a Clue.. less you borrow one, think
bout it, sleep on it maybe you'll have it tomorrow son/ I stay positive even under the Black light/ They say I never developed cause I don't act right/ Act like you? Never that/ I send that teather back/If God's the sculptor, I'm the pot/ so is it praise or arrogance If I say that I'm hot?

Jeary Sylves
at 4:29pm on July 12th, 2008
I still shine from lack of light, darkness can't impede/my thoughts invade me not peep my radiance the sun envy's/seen my light the Sons in me thats why i shine brighter/or rhyme higher than most intune with the heavenly sharing melodic notes that i wrote/ my words cornbread thick but dont choke on my thesis so much food/for thought but weak minds starve from hunger pride before the fall/ but they wont reach out to the chef jus to damp thier face with my sweat/and taste the minerals in the words that spit/

at 1:57pm on July 16th, 2008

'Cornbread thick?'/ The meat was good but nice side dish/I'm gonna ride it/ cause it makes so much sense/ a meal so dense/ prepared to fill tummies/ or a wordplay so rich it could fill the minds of dummies/ and that's a hard task to feed the hallow/ hungry hearts, but the meals too tough for them to swallow/ I know how you siphon it through/ breaking down to little piece so they can eat too/ fortified so whatever they get provides more, My Lord, that so like Jesus, you must walk with him, I can see in your flow you must talk w/ Him, and really not to be sacreligious, I just wanted to tell you that joint was vicious

You know!

YOung Phenome

at 8:58am on July 17th, 2008
see this is i tagged myself in...cuz im doing like fashion designers and just following the if hip hop is dead then how did this begin...was it like Christ...or was it a theory a rapper had with no conclusion...i like spittin in illusion...because our minds gotta be like Ford...focus before there is no confusion...thats why my mind is on point...but some of yaah minds are rolled up like joints...and not the one that help structure ur body 2gether...the one that cost Ricky Williams more cheddar...or restricted Josh Howard from playing better...

Jeary Sylves
at 3:22pm on July 17th, 2008
In the grand scheme of things the picture is much/bigger and more important than the scene/I re-design self and wove new patterns into my seims/my brian is bigger since college thats from adding new aspirations to my dreams/How can Hip-hop be dead if me,you & you are alive ?/Hip-hip is in my soul... and i aint ever flatlined/

Righteous wrote
at 4:33pm on July 17th, 2008
I give up. you cats is too cold.

The News circles horror-scopes like a New Age Bible, troubling souls about the economy/ Making Grey head and Black face look Iconically/ to a vision far removed from the crisis/Juxtaposed to the vices/ We play on both rolling the dices/ D said he moving For-ward through future scapes/ giving life all that it can take/ fusing focus with fidelity-it sounds perfect, booming from the heart and not from the surface, J Be buggin out, wyllin on the acapella, still melifulous how he drops it smooth like Armaretto, with wordplay that makes the nerds say 'Gosh, he's smart', both my dudes do this strictly as art, so it's know wonder that it reflects their hearts..

at 4:48pm on July 17th, 2008
If Hip Hop is consciousness.
and Hop is movement/ than not everybody is doing it/especially not in the mainstream where people makes albums about what they name mean & how dollars they name bring/others stay balanced/and take on the challenge/ to create/-not blame fate/ but laying ahold of destiny,even if they have insufficient weapontry/they know Hearts is BIGGER than a bullet, BIGGER than a gun/ At the end of the day, it's where the battle is won,Like Layla -unconfined in the way they think, if danger don't BLINK, we do it scared as HELL/ emanicipated from Satan clutch (fear)-the darkest jail/

Young Phenome
at 5:18pm on July 17th, 2008
see mainstream rappers wanna shine bright...while we spit on here just 2 enlight...cuz out of mind out of sight...or did i quote that right?...see some ppl will be quick 2 correct me...but i notice i didnt say that incorrectly...i just worded it in a way that it would fit my flow...wether its 2+2 or 2x2 you will still get 4...see the criticism want make me worst...cuz im human not candy so my star dont burst...cuz im like Malcolm im keepin hope when it comes 2 hip hop...soul is what is what make it this is the rap olympics...i ready 2 pass the paton so who gon run with it

Jeary Sylves
at 5:37pm on July 17th, 2008
I drop gems like i write with diamond en-crusted/pens but thats the only way you listening right ? if im shin'en/lets reverse the worse to a time when rhymes were broken down verse for verse/everybody too busy, they wanna complain about whats changed but not join the committee/ they all lost really the lands of promise i tried to lead them/but you cant force feed a man whose choosen not to eat it

Young Phenome

well since hip hop is becomin a chiroprator 2 rap...because im doing my
assignment...yaah got my back so im in im straight, never out of
I'm patiently waiting 4 the turn 2 be mine...and im not talkin about 2 talkin
about 2 share the knowledge on my mind...thats my only hustle thats my only grind
(The photo that inspired it all)

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