Sunday, August 24, 2008

TMI-Too much information

So I've been on this amazing journey over the last couples of weeks and I figured I give my peoples the run down.

Monday Morning August 12th
1.I flew into to LAX to turn in my final Visa papers to the Korean Consulate.
2.Met Patsy, who also had to wait for her VISA
3.We hung out, grabbed some lunch in K-town and talked about a random list of topics including: the U.S. Presidential election, expatriation, distinctive features of the Mohave and Sonoran Desert, ect, ect.
4. After we picked up our VISA Patsy dropped me back off at the LAX and I hopped on a flight to Vegas!
Monday Night/Tuesday Morning 13th
5. Call a few people from the airport, one who made me really smile :) Then off to Seoul!
6.Flew on Korean Airlines
7.On the 11 hour flight I watched a few good films- "The Visitor" and "Smart People"
8.I was impressed with all the cool touch screens.

Thursday the 14th
9.Passed through customs and met Tim at the airport.
10.Met Tone and his Brother Jin who I have ran into 3 x since!
11.Ate breakfast at MceeDee and while a song by Common played over the loudspeakers.
12.Heard DMX as I walked down the street, then saw a Mexican Food Place and heard some Marachi Music Playing. Wild!

First Weekend August 15-17

13.Went out dancing in Hongik.
14.Got some new eyewear.
15.Met some of Tim's cool friends.
16.Met my co-worker Christine and her cool sister that goes speaking Korean one moment to describing something on the menu as 'that is so bomb!'

Training Sunday to Friday 17-22

17.Met Nate and Dan, who stole the bed, but a cot is an upgrade from the boarding house, lol!
18.Went out and had my first sitting on the ground meal with my fellow trainees.
19.Learned all about adverbs, adjectives, and nouns. Exciting stuff, lol.
20.Training, hospital physical,caught a 3 day cold, and then a whole bunch of training, training , training, training, training, training and a whee little bit of social.
21.Started a rad facebook group ( we are like 50 deep so far!)

Saturday the 23rd
22. A whole lot of nothing and then, hung out with Eric and his peoples for a bit.
23.Met up with Kim and hung out with her for a bit.
24.Ran into Dan on the way to Hongik and kicked with him for a bit.
25.Wasted time, got a little lost, borrowed a few cell phones, found Scholarlee and went home.

Sunday the 24th

26.Went to largest church in the world w. Sunna & Tim-Yoido Full Gospel Church.
27.Went the Suwon folk village .
28.Now I'm gonna go to sleep and get ready for my first day in the classroom....I got my own classroom! Whew whoooo...

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