Monday, November 29, 2010

Balancing Ball

Sitting in a dark room, developing/ These negatives will become better things/ Our pain is nothing to be compared with our greatness/ Maybe our sufferings are sacred/ Counting steps from the basement/ till our feet hit the pavement/ walk straight…why do we walk adjacent/ to what we truly desire/ Letting our fire burn to ashes/ letting our destiny turn past us/ The weight of the world cannot smash us/ we were made for it/ Triumph and Tribulation, the road was paved for it/ Operating from trust, self love was never selfish/ Regardless of what they tell us/ service was never being a people pleaser/ We serve by being us, not be being meager/ Hold your head high/ though Force was never Fly/ And Pride promotes the Fall/ Each day's a work out, staying on the Balancing ball

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