Monday, February 8, 2010


Eyes arced like the East
With the heart of the West Indies
Skin tone, dark and heavenly
A smooth, rich mahogany hue
Hair, dark and full like Indians
High cheek bones resembling Abyssinians
But unique in details
From the curve and fullness of her bottom lip
To the flow of her hips
Body arched
Accentuating beautiful parts
She's art, and an artist at the the same time
Serene like the ocean, reflecting the Sunshine
And I find, below the surface there's depth
She measures her words between each breath
Tries to walk with integrity in each step
Follow her neck to the cleave between her breasts
It seems beauty and virtue have met
Spirit and intellect and this is just a quick sketch
Because she's too deep to dissect
Too textured to be labeled perfect.

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