Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walk Away

Time passed as I watched the grains of sand slip through my hands and return to the same. Digging my hands deep, I wrestled with my own thoughts, grappling with questionable notions. I finally decided to mold a mound of sand, and then I set out walking, and thinking. Thinking at times about nothing, and at times about everything. The farther I walked the closer I felt to the serenity of the ocean and the further removed I felt from the loud raucous and revelry I left behind. The sound of the waves became clearer and clearer, and the music began to fade in the background. I walked steadily, but slowly toward the beach's end. Passing people with no voices, only hearing the waves in the ocean and the thoughts in my head. Despite the dark of night and the thick locs that swung in front of my face, I felt remarkably attune and aware of everything around me. From the changes of the sand texture below my feet, to the brilliance of the iridescent light shining off the mud. I passed the inescapable lights of Korean nightscapes and ventured to the darkest place on the beach. There I encountered jagged rocks, shells and other things the ocean rejected. Making my way through the roughest parts, I came to a cliff like area where I decided to retire my wonderings. I perched myself on a rock, taking in the vista and then I sat down. The rain came down softly, the sand began to crackle and I hung my head down, listening to the sounds of the beach. The rain beat down across my back and for the first time that day I welcomed it. In a poetic sense, I wished the rain and the ocean could wash it all away. Centering down there on the rock, I drew enough strength to return to it all again. As I walked back the rain began to pour down with renewed intensity, but I walked with no regard for the rain and no urgency to return.

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