Friday, March 20, 2009

Sleepless Nights

I can't sleep because my hearts burst at the seems/
with hope, worries, concerns and dreams/
I feen for balance/
with my 12 inch flat feet/
everyday hitting the concrete/pacing,
wondering if my assets are appreciating or wasting
headway? or am I just stylin, coastin on the segway,

we could be, looks hopeful, but we shall see what the deal is,
this odd composition has became my social meal ticket,
but I got in line and lost my appetite,
maybe I looking for a slower life,
I plot my line slowly,
I don't do pyramids,
Pimpin looks fun, but that's for kids,

plus they trying to having me leading a circle to the cross
How does that work if the leader is lost?/
Christ is the only redemption to the puzzle/
The only detour to the trouble/
But sometimes I feel like I need to make mistakes too,
He's kept me, thus I must remain grateful,

I can't ignore it/
My heart is heavy for it/
I did not speak before/
Now, I'm speechless,
I did not speak.
I just minded my business,
unaware of the divine irritation that surfaced as the truth.
Yet, I heard it, and remained mute,

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