Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So here is my first official post of the New Year! I don't have any profound statements to make or any poetic prose for you. However what I do have it a little to Ramble about.

1. I left America- A Black Man was elected President
2. I left Arizona- The Cardinal are going to the SuperBowl
3. Ice Skating is just like roller skating and therefore it's awesome.
4. Bill Cosby was right, kids say the darndest thing!
5. Jubilee is a great church.
6. What's her name is.....
7. I feel like making music this year
8. I'm traveling to 5 new countries this year!
9. Lucretia has a quiet confidence.
10. Michelle has the kind of worth-ethic you admire. Works hard, but not money hungry and never complains. Reminds of my roommate, 00, and a few other people I know.

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