Friday, November 21, 2008

Sour Grapes

If sour grapes become sweet wine, maybe I can rest my heart on that, and set my face through the tunnels of time, and keep pressing, no visible disturbances, but yet I keep stressing, on this merry go round trying to learn lessons, so I can get off, and get on, step up to bat and get my hit on! Trust, I'll blow it out the park, I've already swam with sharks, literally, so much untapped ability...I'm bout to blow, soon as I get my focus realigned and my energies in control।

It will be like Black Rob, Whoa!

1 comment:

Swankster said...

Hey buddy glad you are back blogging. I just started my own adventure in blogging. Hope you are doing well in Korea an update would be nice to post...