Saturday, July 26, 2008

Write now!

I’ve been struggling to write over the last several weeks. My writing is primarily blogs about news, my spiritual walk or self-expression pieces. Beyond that I have been preparing to submit some straight journalistic pieces for a new Black blogging site. The crazy thing is that I am an excellent ideas man, but I tend to struggle with execution. When it comes to writing at times I doubt my ability. While I am an effective communicator writing, is not my preferred vehicle. My strength in communicating a message or relaying an idea is my voice. There are so many topics/projects that are more effectively communicated through the pad & the pen than through other forms of multi-media. There is a certain freedom to writing to a general audience because it gives me the ability to express whatever is on my mind without trying to cater to a specific audience, or be overly concerned with how well my message is received.

Unfortunately, I have never really taken much time to hone my writing abilities in college. But over the last few years my interest in writing has really grown and I am more open to writing in broader circles. I’m at a point now where I recognize that speaking will always be my love, but I no longer fear letting my written words represent me. I’ve always been comfortable with writing poetry, but beyond that I figure that was the extent of my ability. Now, I’m open to writing more journalistic pieces, so we shall see what is beyond the horizon for me.

Right now, my focus is crunching some blogs out. I’m out of school and not being paid to write, so I have to keep myself accountable to the deadlines I set-even if there is no foreseeable consequence. So what I propose to my readership, and myself is that I will publish something every 10 days-without fail. What that means is that not everything is going to be newsworthy or deep, but at the very least I will be honing a skill.

So here we go!

Since I am a BLACK man who follows after CHRIST, and grew up in ARIZONA, graduated from ASU with a INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES DEGREE with concentrations in MASS COMMUNICATIONS & SOCIOLOGY, TAUGHT SUNDAY SCHOOL, Grew up COGIC, attended a mega prosperity church, STAY SINGLE, enjoys SPOKEN WORD POETRY, JAZZ, NEO-SOUL, HIP HOP & Jesus music- is interested in Apologetics, Cultural Geography, is COnservative in VALUES, but LIBERAl in love, somewhat JADED by politics…You can expect to see elements of all of this in my writing. If you’ve never read my stuff, check out my prior entries.


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