Sunday, March 30, 2008

Withdraw from the War/Commencement

I’ve been fighting this war for over five years and now I have decided to set a timetable for withdraw. An ill-defined war with a vague target will inevitably take an indefinite amount of time. My initial strategy was to infiltrate the Cronkite School, and lay hold of a language minor, now I just want to get out. So at this point I have decided to withdraw in the most responsible manner possible, on May 10th I will withdraw the remainder of my 130 some credits from ASU. The valiant effort of my brain cells must be commended fighting against the tyrannical, postmodernist, Eurocentric thought and defending the Elliott way of life. We lost a major battle at The Cronkite center, but we were able to gain ground with Interdisciplinary Studies. We forged ahead with pride to and gain ground in the District with the completion of an internship. We have built ties staging brief and sporadic social campaigns with a myriad of different organizations. Some may call this departure irresponsible, and premature, while still other may see this as something that should have happened years ago-but I must do what I feel is right. It's time to graduate. The battle against radical ignorance is not over. This ideological war will not end.

Notice: This is in no way intended to disrespect the valiant men and women who serve in the armed forces. Nor is this entry meant to trivialize the bleak reality of war-the loss of lives.
I think in parallels, and it occurred to me that I have been in college throughout the Iraq war.


Christy Frink said...

High five! I graduate that day too. We are destined for greatness, Elliott.

Elliott Ashby said...

Word homie!

Joseph said...

good piece of writing E, like the parallels and the photo tops it off. - Joe