Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Teaching in FUNdamental!

Sorry my beloved blog, it's been a minute since I've wrote anything. To be honest I've had lots of ideas and concepts dancing around in my mind, but I haven't had the focus to finish anything. This final semester has been kinda strange. One, I have senoritious, two, I've never consistently done this much reading and writing at the same time and three, I'm an immobile square. Today, I had ran into Columbia and her friend Rosie in the Memorial Union. I was surprised because I thought she graduated. Columbia, like Lingie and Morenika, is a EE major (EE, that ain't no joke!). Although I do not remember her graduating, I just figured she did because she is married and has a 6 month old baby. I do that sometimes, I marry people off, graduate people and elect presidents in my mind ( i.e. Obama will be the next president). Anyways, Columbia told me that her mentor knows me. As it turns out her mentor was my former Children's Coordinator for God's Army. .......Before I knew it I was reminiscing about teaching: how much fun it was, why I prefer 5-6th graders over 7-8th graders, attentions spans and a whole bunch of silly stories. As I spoke I realized how much I missed teaching. I haven't taught in over six months and I have been reluctant to re-enlist because...well that's a different stories. Since I have been back in AZ I feel like I'm just visiting here, so even church feels like that sometimes. One thing I know for sure is that I love teaching kids, it's an empowering and humbling experience to have an impact on the lives of kids. It also requires a tremendous amount of responsibility, because kids are looking up to you and also because you have the ability to impact their lives. At my highest level of effectiveness I am aware of the how that kids need us. Beyond teaching a lesson or giving a God-inspired message, children need to know that they have someone to talk to. In my time of serving children I realized that kids face some real pressures and we need to be aware of their needs.
To date, teaching kids about God has been the best thing I have ever committed to. So time will tell when I get back into the classroom. Oddly enough I just got an email from the coordinator about getting back in God's Army...so we'll see.


Joe said...

Good to see you blogging amigo. I like what you said about marrying people off in your head... :) - Joe

Righteous said...

Thanks, I gotta check out your chocolate piece. You should tag me in it, lol.